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Ode to Andrew Hussie

O you
Yes you
He who has written so much
About four kids
No, eight
And 24 (36?) of an alien race
And how everyone dies and yet
Are still alive
Through some slim chance.

Detectives and gang-member mobsters
Have met the same fate
Of dying over and over again
But are still alive to the reader’s great joy
Or chagrin, if the re-undead is a foe.

But it is all still the same.
You have achieved what so many strive for:
To be well known by thousands
And then maybe millions.
And I congratulate you,
Andrew Hussie.
You have become a god.
something for my writing class. we had to write an Ode to anything, so why not this guy? i think this is the right category for it?
and it's kinda shitty writing cuz i couldn't think of a proper flow for it so i apologize for its choppy-ness

eventually on tumblr
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March 6, 2013
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